Commander 2

Bayesian CMB component separation and analysis

Commander is a Gibbs sampling code for joint CMB estimation and component separation. In its latest incarnation, Commander 2, the code has been rewritten from the ground up to make the best use of modern linear solver technology, parallelism, and advances in sky and instrumental modelling.

Our aim is to make Commander 2 the most powerful, flexible CMB analysis code out there. Using a parametrised physical model of the sky, the Commander framework makes it possible to perform statistically-rigorous analyses of multi-frequency, multi-resolution CMB data on the full and partial (flat) sky, as well as cross-correlation analyses with large-scale structure datasets.

Commander 2 is still in the early stages of development. An initial release will be made in late 2013, and development can be followed in our Git repository. We advise that you don't use the code for anything important just yet, though.

Overview of Commander 2

The following features are planned for the initial release of Commander 2:

Current Status

Commander 2 is currently under heavy development. While the package isn't ready for general use just yet, a number of core features are available right now from our Git repository. They include: